Pineapple Yacht Club

Pineapple Yacht Club

I've been into edible bowls lately. There's something holistically satisfying about knowing you can turn your food vessel into compost when you're through with it. What's even cooler? Pineapple boats.


I feel like I'm on a tropical vacation whenever I dig into one of these. What's more rad is that you can go nuts on your fillings - teriyaki chicken & rice, shrimp cocktail, salsa- whatever! I chose to use an array of fruit, but don't let me dampen your dreams.


  • Begin by laying your (washed) pineapple on a flat surface. You're going to need a sharp knife for this bad boy.
  • Insert the knife directly into the middle of the pineapple and slowly lower the rest of the knife towards the bottom half of the fruit.
  • Once you've made your cut, return your knife to the center incision and finish slicing the remaining half of the fruit. You might have to really dig into the crown to get it to cut nicely.


The hard part is over; now, the real digging begins. Begin cutting away at the fruit to create a bowl-like sculpture. You can choose to incorporate the shaved pineapple or save it for a smoothie later on!

There are so many methods to this part - I personally would have invested in a melon baller to ease my life into a more aesthetic presentation, but I like a good challenge.


...or the thought of using a melon baller came to me at this ^ moment. Who was I kidding? Not you? Ok.


Blueberries, strawberries, kiwi - SO YUM.

It's all about personalization from this point. Insert favorite filling here:



Reduce your carbon footprint by composting your bowl! Seriously, do it. You'll feel like a new person.




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